Peru, South America (Part 2)

Dec 24th, 2018 – Jan 5th, 2019

In Amazon Jungle, river boat is the only transportation on the Amazon River. A lot of the indigenous villages are located by the river for easy access, and some are located deep in the jungle. This village we are visiting today is a central gathering area where people hold events and celebrate festivals (i.e. they had a big disco party on Christmas Eve). In addition, there is an animal shelter and a liquor store in the village.

A cool thing about this animal shelter is that tourists can touch all the animals here where normally they can only be watched in the zoo. It was a very unique experience.

This Tucson sometimes use his beak to support his body to maintain balance
This female adult sloth is very active even though her movements are super slow. Hugging a sloth gives you warmth in heart because she actually hugs you back!
Look closely, it’s not a fallen leaf or a rock, it’s a turtle! It won’t let go of anything it bites.
Yes! It is an Anaconda! It takes 3 men to lift this Anaconda up. He has his own swimming pool in his cage. That’s how he keeps his skin always shiny.

The liquor store in the village sells homemade alcoholic beverages that they ferment locally using native plants and fruits. I tried 4 different kinds of alcoholic beverages each in small amount. Supposedly, they all have medical efficacy on various hardly-cured disease; yet all I felt was dizziness and happiness from their high alcohol content.

Wooden juice machine requires two strong men and fresh sugar canes to produce freshly made sugar cane juice. It was very sweet!

While I was still tipsy after having alcoholic beverages, we were taken on a boat ride to look for pink dolphins in the Amazon River. The pink river dolphin, also known as the Amazon river dolphin, lives only in freshwater. It is found throughout much of the Amazon river basins in Bolivia, Brazil, Colombia, Ecuador, Peru, and Venezuela. The tour guide instructed us to be quiet while he was calling the pink dolphins, and soon the dolphins responded and started popping their heads above the surface. Some of them swam close by our boat, and I was able to see their beautiful pink skin. It was a magic moment.

Look closely, can you see the fin of a pink dolphin under the sunset?

Another magical day in the Amazon Jungle has passed by, 2 more to go! Stay tuned for day 3 adventure…


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