Homer, AK

Homer is a small city located at Alaska’s Kenai Peninsula. It features Homer Spit, a long strip of land with beaches, seafood restaurants, art galleries, and fishing boat docks. Homer is known as “The Halibut Fishing Capital of the World”, and it also has a nickname of “the end of the road”.

Seafarer’s Memorial located at Homer Spit
Land’s End at the tip of the strip at Homer Spit

We stayed at Otter Beach Lodges located at the end of Homer Spit. The room is very cozy and it has a sliding glass door facing directly to the ocean. The ocean view is unbeatable, and if you are lucky enough, you will see otters floating by your window.

Photo taken from inside the room at Otter Beach Lodges

We traveled in the spring time when snow has not melted in most part of Alaska. During this time, moose are very active. We have seen at least 5 moose roaming along the highway.

A moose without antlers. A moose sheds its antlers every winter

The fishing season in Homer is from May to September. At the time I visited, most shops and restaurants are close. However, I can still sense the prosperity of Homer during summer time. Stay tuned for my next adventure…

Bye Homer


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